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Program Management and Technical Assistance

PSGV International provides project and program management services for international development technical assistance projects. We are experienced in managing complex projects with multiple beneficiaries and in conflict-affected geographies, as well as have an in-depth understanding of international donors’ procedures.


We combine many years’ experience with proven methods and tools excelled for different fragile states and ensure our client’s environments and organizations are tackled appropriately and effectively. The confidence of outcomes is increased, risk reduced and quality guaranteed because we understand all the outputs that technical assistance should deliver.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring, Evaluation services focus on improving client performance by providing high-quality evidence-based decision making. Our M&E work combines our experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods with our expertise in fostering data-driven learning cultures to inform policies and improve program design and management.


PSGV International provides M&E services across almost all sectors of development. Our team utilizes a wide variety of tools to ensure top-quality M&E, including Logical Framework and cost-benefit analyses, rapid appraisals, theory-based evaluations, surveys and participatory approaches. 

Information Technology

We have developed decades of our strategy and operational consultancy experience into cutting-edge IT solutions both as standalone and cross-sectorial platforms. We also have enough technical and technological capacity to transform our sector-wide knowledge into frontier solutions in a range of industries, such as health, education, and infrastructure.

We would be the best partner both for governmental agencies and private vendors. Our services include project management, outsourcing of the whole or partial development tasks, development of different management information systems and platforms, including distributed ledger architecture. We can advise on or implement artificial intelligence and big data research and automation.   

Agriculture & Rural Development

Agricultural Production & Horticulture


Land Management

Rural Infrastructure (Irrigation & Drainage)

Crop Protection & Disease Control

Animal Production

Food Safety & Security


PSGV International has extensive experience in implementing projects in the agriculture and rural development sectors, particularly across Africa. We utilize only the best practices when implementing rural development and food safety and security projects, applying approaches like Markets4 Poor (M4P), environmental awareness and inclusive growth.


o   “Final Evaluation of Strengthening Regional Cooperation in the Monitoring & Controlling of Fishing Activities in the CSRP Zone” – Senegal, Mauritania, Gambia & Guinea-Bissau (2015)

o   “Formulation of a Coffee Sector Development Strategy” – Ethiopia (2013-2014)

o   “Final Evaluation of the All ACP Agricultural Commodities Program” – ACP Region (2013)

o   “Final Evaluation of the Regional Food Security & Risk Management Program for Eastern & Southern Africa” – Djibouti (2013)

o   “Design of the 2013-14 & 2014-15 Farm Input Subsidy Program’s (FISP) Seed Quality Monitoring & Testing Approach” – Malawi (2013)

o   “Final Evaluation of the Livestock Epidemio-Surveillance Program” – Sudan (2013)

o   “Sugar Economic Area Diversification: Feasibility Studies on Agricultural Production & Livestock” – Congo (2012)

o   “Mid-Term Review of the Administrative Arrangement JRC-DEVCO” – Horn of Africa (2012)

o   “Study on the Preparation of a Cashew Sector Development Strategy” – Ivory Coast (2012)

o   “Evaluation of Agricultural Diversification & Banana Commercialization Interventions” – Saint Lucia (2011-2012)


o   “Mid-Term Evaluation of the Residue Control - Food Safety & Capacity Building Project” – Botswana, Congo, Seychelles & Zambia (2010)

Economic Growth & Social Development

Macroeconomic Analysis & Reform

Public Financial Management

Decentralization & Local Governance

Poverty Analysis


o   “Consultant for Financial & Procurement Capacity Building” – Pakistan (2013-2014)

o   MCC “Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) – Support to the Fiscal Agent Initiative” – Armenia (2008-2013)

o   “Formulation of an EU-Supported MDG 4 & 5 Project” – Jamaica (2012)

o   “Final Evaluation of the Sudan Post-Conflict Community-Based Recovery & Rehabilitation Program (RRP)” – Sudan (2010-2011)

o    “Public Awareness Campaign for Public Sector Modernization Project (PSMP)” – Armenia (2010)

o   “Mid-Term Evaluation of Vulnerable Group Development for the Ultra-Poor Program (VGDUP)” – Bangladesh (2010)

o   USAID “Strengthening Social Protection Systems” – Armenia (2006-2009)

o   “Formulation of Support to Rule of Law in Nigeria” – Nigeria (2016)

o   “Election logistics expert for the National Electoral Independent Commission (CENI)” – Niger (2016)

o   “Final Evaluation of the Support Programme to Parliaments (PAP)” – DRC (2015-2016)

o   “Support to Public Sector Reform for the Delivery of Speedy Services to Citizens” – Jordan (2015-2016)

o   “Final Evaluation of the Regional Political Integration& Human Security Support Programme” – Djibouti, Tanzania & Zambia (2015)

Education & Social Sector

Vocational Education & Training

Labor Market & Employment

Social Inclusion & Protection


o   “Support to the Republic of Kosovo to develop regular tracer studies of VET graduates” – Kosovo (2017-ongoing)

o   “Pathfinding for Professional Development for vocational teachers and trainers through virtual networking and digital and on line learning (DOL) in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro” – Macedonia (2017-ongoing)

o   “National expertise to support the content monitoring of the EU TVET II programme in Egypt” – Egypt (2017-ongoing)

o   “Reporting on VET and VET-related policy in Serbia within the context of implementation of the Riga Conclusions 2015” - Serbia (2017-ongoing)

o   “Supporting training placements of teachers in industry”-Montenegro (2016)

o   “International expertise for consolidation of Recognition of Prior Learning framework – follow-up assignment on designing capacity building training for trainers of coordinators, assessors and mentors” - Kosovo  (2016)

o   “SBA follow-up support on entrepreneurial learning in the EU’s Eastern Partnership region” - Belarus (2016)

o   “Provision and Quality Assurance: digital and online learning (DOL) and digital skills (DS)” - Albania (2016)

o   “Policy analysis and system wide progress monitoring”- Kosovo (2016)

o   “Support for the development of the entrepreneurial spirit in the Tunisian system of vocational training” - Tunisia (2016)

o   “SME Skills Expertise” – Turin (2015- 2016)

o   “Ex-Ante Impact Assessment of the Priority Medium-Term Deliverables under the 2015 Riga Conclusions” – Albania, FYROM, Montenegro, Serbia & Turkey (2015-2016)

o   “Availability of Teaching & Learning Processes in VET” – Montenegro (2015)

o   “Professional Development of Teachers & Trainers in VET” – SEET Region (2014)

o   “Support to ETF Activities in Georgia” – Georgia (2014-2015)

o   “Recruitment of Local Expertise to Ensure Completion of Pilot Action Questionnaires” – Jordan


Environment& Natural Resources

Sustainable Management

Natural Resource & Ecosystem Protection

Climate Change



Our experience working in the environment and natural resources sector is highlighted in the projects below.

o   Provision of TA and preparation of Programming Document for the 11th EDF Thematic OCT Program – OCT Countries (2016-2017)

o   Technical support to the Papua New Guinea Forest Authority to implement a continuous and multi-purpose National Forestry Inventory (2016)

o   Formulation of a communication & outreach Plan under the ACP-EU Natural Disaster Risk Management in the CARIFORUM programme (2015)

o   Final evaluation of the project of Strengthening Sub-regional Cooperation for the Monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) of the Fishery Activities in Sub-regional Fisheries Commission (SRFC) – Senegal (2015)

o   “Formulation of a Communication & Outreach Plan under the ACP-EU Natural Disaster Risk Management in the CARIFORUM Program” – Barbados (2015)

o   “Identification & Formulation of Projects for the Environment (Climate Change, Disaster Risk & Environmental Management)” – Angola (2014-2015)

o   “Development of a National Climate Change Strategy by 2030” – Montenegro (2014)

o   “Evaluation of Project Selection Documents for the Final Approval of the Joint Monitoring Committee & European Commission” – Black Sea Region (2012)

o   “Preparation of a Reforestation Action Plan for the Degrading Foothills of the Sugarcane Belt with the Promotion of Income Generating Activities” – Fiji (2012)

o   “End of Term Review of Stabex98, the Sustainable Forestry & Conservation Project & the Sustainable Plantation Forestry Project” – Solomon Islands (2011)


Public health

Health economics & Health Financing

Health Care

Health Promotion


o   “Addressing population growth in Malawi” – Malawi (2017-Ongoing)

o   “Study on the Intra-ACP programming for health” – ACP (2016-ongoing)

o   “Programming Support in the health sector in Mauritania” – Mauritania (2016-Ongoing)

o   “Mid-Term Evaluation of the Primary Health Care Sector’s Policy Support Programme (PrimCare SPSP)” – South Africa (2015-Ongoing)

o   “Technical Assistance to Ensure the Visibility & Communication of Activities of the Reduction of Social Inequalities & Health Care Services for Disadvantaged Regions Programme” – Tunisia (2015-Ongoing)

o   “Mid-Term Evaluation of the Support to Enhance Maternal & Newborn Health Outcomes for the States of Northern Nigeria Programme” – Nigeria (2015-2016)

o   “Identification& Formulation of the European Union Support Program to the Health Sector” – Niger (2014-2015)




Public Transport

Urban Development

Water& Waste

Information Technology


PSGV International provides technical assistance for infrastructure projects to enhance economic development and reduce poverty in transition economies. The projects below highlight our experience in formulating and implementing infrastructure projects across the globe.


o   “Infrastructure Sustainability Support Program” – Armenia (2013-2014)

o   “Water Sector Review & Strategy” – Armenia (2013)

o   “Ensuring Improvement of the Mtkvari River’s Water Management in Tbilisi” – Georgia (2012-2013)

o   “Technical Assistance for the Preliminary Construction Design of a Wastewater Treatment Plant & Sewerage Network in the Municipality of Berane” – Montenegro (2011-2012)

o   “Aviation Sector Study” – Kenya (2011)

o   “Developing Strategic Urban Assessments for Selected Central & West Asia DMCs” – Armenia, Uzbekistan & Pakistan (2009-2010)

o   “Transport Sector Development Strategy” – Armenia (2008)

o   Sustainable Plantation Forestry Project” – Solomon Islands (2011)

o   “Security Audit of E-Governance Systems of the Government of Armenia” – Armenia (2010)

o   “Transactional E-Governance Development in Armenia” – Armenia (2012-2014)

Private Sector

Private Sector Policy & Reform



SME Development

Business Environment Improvement


We also have in-depth experience in formulating and implementing projects in the private sector.


o   “Midterm Evaluation of Research, Development and Innovation Programme II (RDI-II)” – Egypt (2017)

o   “Review of the conditions for disbursement of the Economic Stimulation in Rural Areas programme 2010 – EaPIC 2013” – Moldova (2016)

o   “Technical assistance for a study action "Territorial Marketing" and the development of a 2015-2020 action plan in the field of Territorial Marketing of Saint Pierre and Miquelon” – Saint Pierre and Miquelon (2015-ongoing)

o   “Identification & Formulation of a Program for EU Support to Private Sector Development” – Paraguay  (2015)

o   “Market Study for the EU Business Group of the United Republic of Tanzania” – Tanzania (2015)

o   “Enhancing Financial Disclosure Standards” – Armenia, Georgia & Azerbaijan (2009-2010)

o   USAID “Financial Sector Deepening Project” – Armenia (2006-2009)

o   “SME Support Program” – Armenia (2006-2007) Sustainable Plantation Forestry Project” – Solomon Islands (2011)